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Guardian Angel

Angels are high spiritual beings who come from Source/God/Divine Light. They live in the 7th dimension and their frequency is so high they are usually invisible to humans. They have never incarnated on this planet.

They act as messengers between Source and the Human Kingdoms and also carry out the bidding of the Higher Source.

The frequency on the planet is rising and therefore more humans can sense their presence and are starting to ask questions about them.

We all have a Guardian Angel who is present at our birth and connects with us immediately. This Guardian Angel stays with us throughout our life.

They hold the divine blueprint for our life, comfort us when we are sad, make sure we meet the right people at the right time, save us if it is not our time to pass over and take our prayers/requests up to Source.

We only have one Guardian Angel but we may also have other guiding angels, spirit guides or other helpers working with us. These can change as we evolve spiritually. Some people feel their Guardian Angel is actually their Higher Self.

If we need help we need to ask for it; because we have free will angels can only help us if we ask them to. Be aware that the requests must be for the Highest Good not from our ego. Remember to always thank them – sincere thanks open the gates of abundance.

Angels can meet us in our dreams and offer us guidance, direct us to the perfect healer, they can take messages from us to someone else’s guardian angel, bring us comfort when we need it, prevent us from harm and if it is not our time to pass over they can save us.

If we are connecting to the Angelic Realm, any messages or insights we receive will be positive. Connecting with angels brings feelings of peace, tranquility and emotional well-being.

Each of us that encounters the Angelic vibration will do so in a form that is appropriate for us; we may sense them, hear them, smell a wonderful aroma, see them as winged beings, see colours or even meet them in a physical body. It doesn’t matter how you connect … and remember we don’t need to be psychic to connect!

Angelic Signs

angel feathers

You can ask your angels for a sign as proof that you are connecting with them. Some of the more common signs are:

White Feathers – these often appear in the most unlikely of places. When you have found your feather, carry it around with you to keep your angel close.

Clouds – you can very often see cloud formations in the shape of angels especially over sacred sites, when you have asked for assistance. Sometimes you may also notice clouds in the shape of feathers.

Words – often if you have asked for help you suddenly hear the word angel in a song on the radio or on the television or someone will mention the word in the most unlikely context.

Angel, Ascension and Spiritual Teacher Training

Angels and Archangels are flocking to Earth as never before to help raise the vibration of the planet as we approach the New Golden Age.

They have asked the Diana Cooper Foundation to train light workers to help the masses learn about them and connect to them for guidance and support.

As a Master Teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation I am fortunate enough to be able to train others to become Angel, Ascension, Golden Atlantis, Unicorn and Lemurian Teachers with the foundation to carry out this extremely important work.

The purpose of this teacher training is to provide people with powerful techniques to develop and accelerate their own spiritual progress; Show people how to connect with Angels and Ascended Masters for their own benefit and for others; Empower people to spread the light of Angels and Ascension in their own creative way, through leading groups and workshops or by just spreading the light amongst family and friends within the community or workplace.

Topics covered include:

  • How to structure and prepare workshops or talks
  • Lead meditations, visualisations and practical exercises
  • How to connect with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other energy beings
  • Healing with Angels, Ascended Masters and other energy beings
  • Channelling information from Angels, Ascended Masters and other energy beings

If you would like to be a light worker going out into the world, showing others the way, and of course realising your full spiritual potential at the same time then this course will help you to manifest your dreams!

Teacher training courses in Golden Atlantis, Unicorns, Lemurian Healing and 2012 & Beyond are also available. Please contact me for course dates, costs or any other information.

Angel Workshops

I run angel workshops at various times of the year with different themes ranging from “An Introduction to Angels” (ideal if you have never made contact before and want to find out more about them) through to “Working with Archangels” or “Creating Abundance with Angels” and so on.

The workshops usually consist of a mixture of visualisations, discussions, meditations, angel exercises and so on. It can vary depending on the theme of the workshop.

They are held in El Galan but it may be possible for me to travel to you depending on your location and as long as you can guarantee at least 8 people will attend.

Please contact me for further information if you are interested in this option.

Angel workshops are a great way to meet like minded people, have some fun and to learn how to make your life more harmonious and peaceful by connecting with your angels.

Angelic Guidance Card Reading

Angels are messengers from Source/God whose purpose is to support and guide us whilst we are experiencing our journey on this planet.

During an Angelic Guidance card reading you will be drawn to pick out the cards that your Angels feel you need to see and focus on at this particular time in your life. Whilst interpreting your cards I connect with both my intution and Angels to pass on any spiritual guidance/information that they want you to hear.

These sessions help you to understand what is happening around you on a spiritual level and how to deal with life's challenges easily and confidently.

Readings can be carried out face to face, by Skype or by email. For Skype and email readings please contact me to agree a time and date.

Angel Healing

angel healing

Healing work with angel energy varies depending on why the client has come for healing. It can consist of hands on healing (similar to Reiki) or asking the client to work with visualisations, meditations, affirmations and so on.

It is unique to every individual because we are all unique beings.

Magnified Healing®

magnifiecent healing

Magnified Healing® is a form of vibrational energy healing which allows people to release all their karma, activates their 12 strands of DNA and helps to build their light body.

After attending the Magnified Healing® 1st Phase 2 day workshop followed by 11 consecutive days of Magnified self Healing you are then qualified to TEACH this wonderful healing modality anywhere in the world.

Treatments are also available for people who wish to experience the amazing effects of this energy and who do not want to become teachers.

Spiritual workshops and teaching

Spiritual workshops and teaching

Workshops and teaching are available on a variety of spiritual topics including Ascension, Golden Atlantis, 2012 and Beyond, Crystal therapy, Colour therapy, Animal Healing and many more!

These are extremely popular workshops which are very informative as well as being fun! They are a great way to help you accelerate your own spiritual development and also enable you to meet other like minded people!

For more details please contact me.


Little bit about me

My name is Penny Wing and I have been running a successful holistic and spiritual business here in the Costa Blanca region of Spain since 2002.


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    I have been going to Penny Wing for about 3 years now.

    I have had many treatments, also i have attended many courses and workshops and come away feeling amazing!

    Penny makes it so much fun, I always come away with much more knowledge,information and handouts.

    I feel that I have learned so much attending Pennys courses and workshops.

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