Colour Readings

I offer a wide variety of on-line and face to face readings. For those needing insights into current life issues, a COLOUR READING is really useful. You just ask the questions, pick a bottle and the answers are revealed. It really is that magical! 

If you wish to go slightly deeper and are trying to discover your life purpose, then a COLOUR SOUL READING  is perfect. There are two types – the first one is based on your date of birth and we also explore what is happening in the current year. The second reading is based on your date of birth but also includes your name at birth and your current name.    

With these two types of readings we explore the reason you incarnated and the main lessons and challenges you have come to master, as well as the gifts you have to offer. These readings can help you to decide how you wish to be of service to others as well as revealing who you really are

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