Time To Bring Angels Into Your Life !


This course has been lovingly created for those people who know little about Angels but wish to find out more and bring more Angelic energy into their daily lives.


During this course you will read all about Angels and their role on the planet. You will also learn simple and practical ways in which you can connect with Angels and Archangels as well as feel their energy in guided meditations. You will also discover how to create a sacred space, how to invoke Archangels, and meet your Guardian Angel!


After this course, you will feel a much deeper connection to the Angelic Realms and see how easy, yet powerful it is, when you start to connect with them. You will find yourself feeling more relaxed and trusting as you realise you have an invisible Angelic army of helpers around you.

Lesson One – Angels and the Angelic Hierarchy


Lesson Two – Angelic Signs and Sacred Space


Lesson Three – Guardian Angels and Archangels

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