Welcome and thank you for visiting my web site!

We are currently going through a magical time of evolution on the planet. More and more of us are starting to explore our spiritual journeys and want to remember who we really are and why we are here

My role as a Light Leader is to help you understand exactly that! You are an old soul who chose to incarnate at this important time to help anchor your light into the earth, to shine brightly and make the world a better place!

When you find human life and emotions get in your way I can lead you back into your soul essence, the energy of who you really are. My courses, workshops, card & colour readings, celestial light guidance and healing sessions will allow you to step back into your power and fulfill your true spiritual potential.

I work with a variety of Light Beings but the one quality that they all have in common is a genuine love for you and a desire to see you live the happy, fulfilling life that you truly deserve.

Please enjoy looking through my web site and feel free to contact me for any further information on any of the services that I offer. I look forward to connecting with you!


Penny x   

“Penny is simply one of the best spiritual teachers I have ever had the pleasure of training with. Grounded, funny & knowledgeable, training with Penny was a joy. I always looked forward to our sessions. Penny has a wonderful light & holds a beautiful space for you to explore, grow, heal & transform - with a brilliant knack for knowing when you need to be pushed & when you need space for integration & realisation. I can’t recommend Penny enough - I feel lucky to have found her & grateful to have had her as a mentor”

NR, London, England

"What a wonderful course! Doing a course via Skype, I had my reservations on if it would work or not but Penny made it happen. We soon settled into the courses and Penny was a wonderful tutor, completely relaxing me and building up my confidence delivering the knowledge in a clear and easy way to understand. I have now gone on to teach with confidence and knowledge. I would highly recommend Penny as a teacher"

LJH, Surrey, England