Expansion through Colour

How to transform your life through colour    

Do you sometimes wonder who you really are, what you are here to do or experience, which past lives you may have lived through, why you love some colours and why you are not keen on others? 

Do you feel you may have energy blocks that are stopping you from moving forward or fulfilling your Divine potential? It may be that you feel you need healing on some level but you are not sure exactly where this healing is needed or even what sort of healing?   

Colour soul therapy can help you with all of the above and more!  Colour is all around us, it is tangible, it is real, we can see it, feel it, and sense it. That is why working with colour is so easy yet the effects are so powerful! 

Colour soul therapy helped me release the grief I had held in my body for over 20 years which is why I am so passionate about it and use colour in all the other courses that I teach!  

The Expansion through Colour course consists of:       

- An initial 90-minute session which includes discussing what you hope to transform in your life and learn from the course, discovering your life path number and your birth name using colour bottles which will reveal to you why you are here and who you are!

- 2 x 90-minute bespoke sessions which include colour and card readings, insightful colour information, practical work and bespoke meditations, all helping you to experience the magic of colour soul therapy!

- Contact via email or messenger whenever needed

*This course can be done in person or face to face online

The exchange for this magical course is only £199

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