Light Leader Course   

A lot of Light Workers attend courses, learn lots of magical information and do fabulous practical work which they wish to share with others but a lack of confidence holds them back. They have all the wisdom they need and the desire to teach others but don’t know where to start. Does that sound familiar?

The Universe really is asking for us to step up and help others who have not yet woken up – this may be in groups or one to one sessions, it may be face to face or online. However you choose to do it - NOW is the time! We are the ones we have been waiting for!   


I have been running courses, workshops, and individual sessions in a wide variety of different spiritual topics for over 15 years and would love to share my tips and experience with you so that you too can bring magic into the lives of others! 

Some of the topics you will learn during this course include: 

- Creating a sacred teaching space

- Structuring inspirational courses and/or workshops

- Writing and leading others through visualisations

- Creating meaningful rituals or ceremonies

- Setting up practical exercises

- Creating Manuals and handouts

I will also take you through guided meditations and practical work specifically aimed at removing any fears or blocks related to teaching from this life or past lives. We will also look at colours relating to who you really are and how they can assist you.

The Light Leader course consists of:       

4 x 90 minute bespoke weekly sessions – these include useful information, practical exercises and personalised meditations, all helping you to step into the energy of an authentic, confident Light Leader 

23 page manual and Certificate of attendance

- Exercises and meditations you can use on others

- Daily contact via email or messenger whenever needed

- OPTIONAL 5th session which includes critique of any written meditations and workshop or course timetables (the exchange for this session is £60)

This is a bespoke course so it will be tailored to suit exactly what you need to focus on in order to become a POWERFUL LIGHT LEADER!  

The exchange for this course is only £350

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