Soul Realignment™

Each soul is a unique expression of Divine Source and has its own Divine Blueprint. The closer you are in alignment with your  blueprint, the happier and more successful your life will be as you will truly be living your own Divinity.  

Soul Realignment™ not only helps you to understand who you really are at a soul level; it also helps you to understand the choices you make that are in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint and those that are not.

When we are in alignment with our blueprint, life becomes easier, more enjoyable, and magical opportunities present themselves to us.

Poor choices can show up in your life as struggle, a sense of not being able to move forward, repeating patterns, financial issues, relationship challenges and so on. You may actually be moderately successful but it takes a lot of effort and hard work.

These poor choices are considered negative simply because they take us away from our Divine Soul Blueprint. These choices can come from a past life (such as contracts, vows, energetic attachments and so on) OR in our current life and they can restrict us, drain our energy and continue to do so on a daily basis until we make different choices and take different action.

Andrrea Hess, the founder of Soul Realignment™ is adamant that to clear karma and create a different, better life we have to make different, better choices and act on those in a physical, tangible way.

How does Soul Realignment work™

As a Certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner, I access the Akashic Records on your behalf to gain information about you at soul level.

This information includes:

  • Your gifts and how to express them in the best way possible for you
  • Your soul’s planet of origination and how that energy affects your current life journey
  • Choices you have made that have created patterns and restrictions which drain your energy and stop you from fulfilling your true potential

Most importantly, we can clear those old patterns and restrictions enabling you to make more empowering choices so that you can  create a happier and more fulfilling life! For me, that is the magic of Soul Realignment™

We clear these patterns, both by specific work I do before your  session, which is then activated as we work together during your  session, and by additional clearing that you are given to do for yourself after your session (this is very easy to do yet very empowering!)

For me personally, Soul Realignment™ has given me more energy, more freedom to really be myself, more abundance, and more direction in life. I feel so much lighter and happier, almost as if a weight has been lifted - which, in essence, it has!  

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How to book a session

Please send me via email the following information – your name at birth, current name, date of birth, place of birth and which country you currently live in (for time zone purposes)

I will then contact you with some proposed dates and times for our Skype or Zoom session (usually at least one week ahead, depending on my workload)

Please do NOT make any payment until I have confirmed the date of your Soul Realignment session

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