As a Master Teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light I run a variety of courses showing others how to become inspirational, Angel, Ascension, Golden Atlantis, Unicorn, Lemurian, Dragon, Animal World and Transform your life teachers so that they can run magical, uplifting workshops, one to one sessions and their own spiritual courses. The purpose of the teacher training is to provide people with powerful techniques they can use to develop and accelerate their OWN spiritual progress as well as providing extensive information on how to show other people  how  to connect with all the Spiritual Realms in a wide variety of ways. 

Topics covered include:

  • How to structure and prepare workshops, sessions or talks
  • How to lead others in meditations, visualisations and practical exercises
  • How to connect with the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, Unicorns, Dragons and other Beings of Light
  • Healing with Angels, Ascended Masters, Unicorns, Dragons and other Beings of Light
  • Channelling information from Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light

If you would like to be a light leader going out into the world, showing others the way, and of course realising your full spiritual potential at the same time, then these courses will help you to manifest your dreams!

Teacher training courses in Angels, Ascension, Golden Atlantis, Unicorns, Lemurian planetary healing, Towards 2032, Dragons, Animal World and Transform your life are also available.

For more information, please contact me using the Contact Form