Animal Communication  

Animals ARE able to communicate with people via telepathy but you need to be open and to trust that what you are receiving is coming from the animal and not your imagination. Animals understand the intentions, emotions, images and thoughts behind words exchanged even if they do not understand exactly what the words mean.

Your love for your pets means you are already communicating with them on some level; the chances are you just don’t realise it or believe you can do it!

When I first started to do animal healing I began to pick up messages here and there from the animals so I decided to train as an animal communicator. You would be amazed at what happens if you just sit quietly and allow images, emotions or feelings to flow to you from an animal.

Animal communication can help in so many ways; it really does give your pet the opportunity to let you know how they are feeling on all levels and to pass on information that the owner may find useful with regards to how an animal is behaving and so on.

I have also contacted animals that have passed over into the spirit world and this is so reassuring for the owner – it validates what we know already, which is that the soul lives on.    

Communication sessions can be carried out face to face via Skype but are just as effective via distance using a photograph. 

Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care. If you have any major concerns about the health of your pet then the first point of call should be your vet.

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