Hola, my name is Penny Wing and I live near Torrevieja in the warm, sunny Costa Blanca region of Spain with my husband Jon and our 4 cats and 2 dogs. I am originally from London but moved to Spain in 2002 as I wanted to live and work in a more relaxed and peaceful environment.

After becoming a Reiki Master in 2004, my Angels and Guides stepped forward and asked me to work with others at a higher spiritual level although at the time I didn’t realise this. Becoming a Reiki Master actually opened the door to the world of Inter Dimensional Beings of Light and this resulted in my healing and spiritual teaching work accelerating to another level.   It was around this time that I set up the Celestial Light Academy, a relaxing, sacred space where people can come and learn or have healing.  

I have been a Master teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation since 2010 and teach a variety of spiritual courses for people from all over the world showing them how to connect and work with the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, Unicorns, Atlantean Guides and other Beings of Light.  The beautiful weather and peaceful energy in Spain makes it the perfect place in which to develop your spirituality but I am more than happy to travel to other countries to run courses and workshops if requested to do so.                 

In 2013 I discovered the magic that is the Colour Mirrors system – connecting with these colourful bottles has changed my life and the lives of my clients/students in so many wonderful ways! As soon as I attended my first Colour Mirrors workshop I was hooked and knew I was destined to work with colour soul therapy and to teach others all about it.   

Due to demand, my courses are now available online, this enables me to reach more Light Workers and Light Leaders so together we can create a beautiful crystalline grid of love light energy around the planet. I am very passionate about my work and feel very blessed to be able to guide and support others on their soul missions during this exciting time of evolution on Earth.

Namaste xx